Naina to ward off Karan’s fears in Swabhimaan


Karan was worried and hiding in his room. Naina does her magic and makes him rid of his fears. Karan tells her about his childhood, how bad he was in his studies and sports. Nandkishore gets a big medal at home, which reminds Karan of his childhood. Nandkishore gifted the medal to Kunal in childhood, as Kunal was best in studies. Kunal now gives the medal to Karan. He says Karan deserves this medal. He asks Karan to avoid things which hurt him. Kunal asks Karan not to lose to his heart. Naina makes Karan wear the medal and explains him. Karan and Naina have a special moment. Karan gets mesmerized seeing Naina. Naina is trying to make him fine. Naina’s support is a big relief for Karan.

Later on, Naina arranges a surprise for Karan. Karan plays Guitar and sings, while Nirmala plays the Sitar. They have a musical combo. Meghna and Naina enjoy the music. They are very happy. Meghna asks Naina how did she get this idea. Naina says Vishal has given this idea to me. Meghna says I should have understood this, Karan should be happy from heart, music is connected to his heart, he would enjoy playing music. Naina says if Karan stays mentally happy, his illness will get off soon. Naina is doing everything for Karan. She is given the 15 days challenge. She is focusing on Karan’s illness. Naina is happy to see Karan’s willingness to recover. Karan is also putting efforts to help Naina succeed. Karan thanks Naina for keeping all the musical instruments in his room.


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