Piyush and Roshni to leave home in Sasural Simar Ka


Roshni is facing more troubles. Roshni wanted the newspaper editor to tell the truth to Mata ji about the NGO scam. The man changes his statement. He apologizes to Roshni and says I will not lie and cheat my profession because of money. Roshni says why will I bribe you, you are lying, stop your drama. Mata ji says Roshni is lying. She apologizes to the man. Mata ji scolds Roshni. Everyone talks of making Roshni leave from the house.

Pari says Roshni will be leaving. Pari and Ananya are against Roshni. Mata ji stops Pari. She asks Roshni to apologize to everyone and end the matter. Piyush comes there and stops Roshni from apologizing. He tells everyone that Roshni is not wrong. Mata ji tells Piyush that Roshni has managed house and office well, but it does not mean Roshni can’t do any mistake. Piyush decides to leave the house to protect Roshni’s dignity. Simar tries to stop Piyush and Roshni.


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