Naira wins a special award in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai…


Naira wins the award in the dance competition. She receives the special judges’ choice award by Dadi’s hand. Naira and Kartik get glad. Naira thanks everyone for their support. Naitik, Karitk and everyone realize Naira was hurt and could not perform well because of her injury. They all feel proud of Naira, for being an all-rounder. Naira keeps everyone’s heart and also fulfills Akshara’s dreams. Dadi congratulates Naira. She gives the credit of Naira’s win to Kartik. Dadi does not realize her mistake of upsetting Kiran and stopping him from performing. Naitik and family celebrate for Naira’s success. Naitik wonders if Goenkas will celebrate Naira’s victory or not. Naira presents the award to Akshara. She thanks Kartik for his support. Kartik asks Naira to take good rest, as major issues got sorted in their lives.

Naira wishes Dadi was equally happy like Kartik. Naitik wants to throw a party for party. The family suggests him to wait for some time till Dadi accepts Naira’s step heartily. Kartik goes to confront Dadi for her move to stop Kiran from performing. Dadi accepts she has sent Kiran, but she was not wrong. Kartik gets into an argument with Dadi and Manish. Kartik asks Dadi why does she not care for Naira’s happiness. Dadi does not find it a big deal.

Kartik stands for Naira’s dreams. Dadi does not want Naira to spoil their family reputation. Kartik tags her wrong for being partial towards Naira. Dadi asks Manish not to step in their arguments. Naira realizes the suffering relations. Dadi apologizes to Kartik for hurting his heart. She feels hurt by Kartik’s words.

Kartik could not explain himself to Dadi. Dadi holds an annoyance against Kartik and Naira. Manish does not forgive Kartik for this. Naira assures help to Kartik in convincing Dadi. Kartik apologizes to Dadi. Manish gets the business deal news and congratulates Kartik for his success. He is proud that Kartik is managing all his business well. Manish throws a party for Kartik, while Kartik believes the party is for celebrating Kartik and Naira’s success. Even Singhanias get glad realizing Goenkas’ move to acknowledge Naira’s talents and celebrate her success. Suwarna learns Manish’s plan to celebrate just Kartik’s success. She fears this can upset Kartik. Kartik feels Manish has really started changing into a good person. Will Kartik’s belief break by Manish’s mistake? Keep reading.

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