Udaan – Upcoming twists


Ragini gives a surprise to Vivaan. Vivaan drinks wine and recalls Imli. Ragini takes Vivaan and shows the three pretty girls to accompany him for his party. He asks him to keep any girl he wants. Vivaan gets much drunk. He tells Ragini that he will not go in any party. He sees Imli there and makes her jealous. He changes his mind and tells Ragini that he will take all the girls along. Imli scolds the girls and says he is my husband, he does not need any stranger. Imli rages in jealousy. Vivaan does not listen to Imli. Imli stops him from going with the girls. She asks the girls to leave from the haveli. Vivaan asks Imli what worse thing will she do, after breaking his heart. Vivaan takes the girls along. He talks to them about Imli and shares his broken heart. Vivaan’s sobbing love story gets too boring for the girls to handle. They all leave, finding him a Devdas. Vivaan still loves Imli a lot.

Meanwhile, Chakor and Suraj come back to the haveli. Chakor has made her love confession and tries to forgive Suraj for his huge mistake. Chakor then gets evidence and learns about Ragini and the doctor’s plan to prove Vivaan impotent, and breaking Vivaan and Imli’s marriage. Chakor understands Ragini’s game. She then realizes Suraj was telling truth till now, he is not the father of Imli’s child. She meets Suraj and tells about Ragini’s plan to deceive all of them. She tells Suraj that Imli was saying truth, its Vivaan’s child, and Vivaan is not aware of this. Suraj can’t believe Ragini could fall so low and cheat Vivaan. Chakor decides to inform Vivaan about Ragini’s crime. Suraj and Chakor get united. They will now fight against Ragini.


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