Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – KaiRa’s success party


There is celebration time at Goenka house. Naira and Kartik get ready for the party. Kartik tells her that the party is for her victory. He congratulates Naira and takes her downstairs. Manish welcomes Singhania family. Naira’s family thinks the party is kept for Naira’s success. Manish is the host of the evening. Naira meets her family and is very happy. They all congratulate her for winning the competition. Manish welcomes the guests and announces about Kartik’s success. Manish says Kartik deserves the party.

Kartik says this party is for Naira. Manish says this party is for the success of this house’s son, Naira is our bahu. Naira gets sad and celebrates for Kartik’s sake. She does not get love from inlaws. Kartik goes on stage and announces about Naira winning the dance competition. Naira refuses to go on stage. Kartik takes her on stage and says we both will be celebrating this happiness of success, we will share this stage and also this cake. Naira and Kartik cut the cake and feed each other. Naitik and everyone get glad seeing Kartik giving respect to Naira.



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