Adi decides to support Aaliya in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Everyone waits for Aaliya at home. Adi decides to go to police station and file missing report. Raman says I will come along with you. A neighbor gets drunken Aaliya home and asks Ishita to manage her good valued bahu. The lady taunts Ishita and Bhallas for Aaliya. Ishita and everyone feel ashamed seeing Aaliya. Aaliya reprimands Ishita and Raman for their partial behavior. Aaliya says I m ashamed to call Ishita as my Amma. Adi tries to stop Aaliya. Aaliya vents out her anger on Bhallas. She asks Ishita about her mistake, why Raman punished her for long as if she did any crime, why could he not forgive her. Raman forgives Aaliya. Aaliya tells them that everything changed after marriage.

She explains the pressure she tolerated in inlaws. She cries out her pain, how her inlaws are not respecting her. She asks Ishita what wrong did she do to take a stand for her husband. She explains them how she has always been good to them. She asks Ishita why did she not invite Shagun and Mani. Raman and Ishita are not aware of elders cancelling the invite. Aaliya takes this as big insult of her parents. Aaliya confronts Ishita for disrespecting Mani. Mani arrives there and sees Aaliya confronting them. Aaliya asks Mani to go, as he was not invited. Mani consoles Aaliya. Ishita understands her mum has done this mistake. Adi confronts Ishita for her big mistake. Everyone misunderstands Ishita.

Raman defends Ishita, while Adi takes a stand for Aaliya. Ishita feels bad for Aaliya and asks her mum why did she not invite Shagun and Mani in the party. They all decide to apologize to Aaliya. Adi supports Aaliya and feels bad for her. Adi gets against his parents and points that they failed to become good parents.


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