Kartik and Manish’s terms to spoil again in Yeh Rishta…


Naira tried hard to make Manish and Naira close. But, Manish’s decision brings a gap between them again. Kartik starts hating Manish again. Manish showed how selfish he is, by hosting the party just for Kartik. Kartik asks Manish how can he hurt someone like this, did he not think of Naira. Naitik and everyone also feel bad that party was not for Naira. Naira finds Gayu worried. Dadi asks Singhanias about Gayu’s decision about the alliance. Naira asks Gayu not to feel bad and take her time to take decision about the marriage alliance. She asks Gayu not to feel any pressure, after all the marriage is a big decision. She encourages Gayu. Kartik meets Singhanias and bonds with them, paying them good respect.

Manish gets hurt by Kartik’s words, while Kartik is hurt by Manish’s step. Kartik calls Manish a selfish man. Suwarna sees the father-son duo fighting in the party and gets worried. Meanwhile, Kirti’s life is getting a big change. Kirti tells Naira that she was thinking she would have not been able to do anything for Naira, if Naksh did not motivate her. She says I was thinking about the people’s reactions, but now I will be focusing on myself too. She thanks Naksh for being there and helping her change her thinking. Naksh starts liking Kirti.


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