Riya to turn revengeful against Avni in Naamkarann


Neil offers fake support to Dayavanti. Riya meets Neil and gets upset. Dayavanti gets hopeful that Neil will support her. She fills Riya’s ears that Avni has snatched all her things in childhood, and this time Avni has snatched her fate. Riya tells Dayavanti that she will not leave Avni. She gets revengeful. Dayavanti feels proud of Riya. Riya calls up Shweta to make her against Avni. Shweta believes Riya and feels confused. Prakash asks Shweta not to believe any stranger. He knows his bahu is good at heart. Riya tries to win Shweta’s confidence and then get close to Neil’s life once again. Shweta wants to make Avni leave from the house.

Neil and Avni accidentally come across the secret chamber, and find Ashish’s letter for Avni. Avni does not wish to read it. Neil convinces her to check the letter once and vent out all her anger. Neil reads out the letter to Avni. Avni loses her cool and tells Neil how much she hates Ashish. She tells Neil that Ashish’s mistakes will never get less and she will never forgive him. Neil consoles Avni. Avni asks Neil not to insist her on knowing more about Ashish. She does not want to know where is Ashish and in what state. She limits herself from Ashish, while Neil tries to hunt for Ashish.


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