Dayavanti to sacrifice Avni in Naamkarann


Dayavanti has turned mad in her revenge. Neil was faking support to Dayavanti, while the latter made the plan to kidnap Avni. Avni reaches Aisha’s old house to meet Dayavanti and confront her for Ashish’s murder. Dayavanti answers Avni’s questions, with an aim to not let her go back alive. Dayavanti kidnaps Avni and tries to burn her alive. Dayavanti, Ketan and Diksha try to sacrifice Avni in front of Kaali Maa. There is huge puja going on. There are many devotees around in the temple.

Dayavanti hates Avni. Avni has the strength of devotion and courage. Avni has left the clues for Neil and Neela. Avni leaves her bangles and earrings to show the path to Neil. She hopes that Neil will come and save her. Dayavanti thinks none can do anything against her. She does not want to leave Avni alive today. She chose to burn Avni and kill her by giving her much pain. Neil reaches the place while finding Avni. She wishes Neil or Neela rescue her. Neil finds Avni and saves her from the fire.


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