High Five Spoilers

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Devanshi is troubling Nutan and Menka. She makes them clean the house. She pays money and asks Vardaan to get some food for him. She controls Kusum Sundari by the money. She does not want to leave Vardaan, as she has lost her child because of him. She promises to make Vardaan realize her pain.

Mere Angne Mein:
Rani and Golu reach the temple and mock the marriage to bring Amit on track. Rani and Golu ask constable to make the marriage video. Amit gets the video and gets jealous. Nandu calls Rani and tells her that Amit broke his marriage with Aarti and ran to the temple to reach to Rani. He says Amit wants to stop your marriage with Golu, your plan has succeeded. Rani can’t believe it and gets much glad. Rani thanks Golu for his support till now. Amit reaches the temple to propose Rani and marry her. Golu happily blesses Rani. Rani and Aarti’s plan to stop Amit and Aarti’s marriage succeeds.

Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi Maa has come to her devotee Santoshi’s house in Sadhvi’s disguise. They both reach the temple and do aarti. Santoshi hears the pandit and a man arguing over the plantation of lemon tree around temple. Pandit says its not good to plant lemon tree near Santoshi Maa’s temple, but Kranti Maa’s assistant gets adamant on his decision. Santoshi takes a stand for Santoshi Maa.

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The thieves catch Soumya. Harman sees them and asks the thieves not to shoot at Soumya. He runs to Soumya and gets shot by the thief. Soumya worries for him. Harman bravely beats up the thieves. He deals with them alone, and throws the knife and gun away. Soumya feels proud to have a superman in her life. He does not care for the bullet injuring his hand. Nothing can stop Harman, when it comes to Soumya. The family members hear the sound and come out. Soumya worries for Harman. Even she helps Harman in the fight.


Maya and Vandana get into an argument. Maya tells her that she wants to go hospital and see Ayaan. Vandana curses Maya to get punished for her deeds. Maya has hurt Vandana a lot. Vandana says I know you have done Ayaan’s accident and now you are trying to show support and pray for him. She asks Maya to stop her drama. She threatens to tell this truth to Arjun. Maya stops Vandana from telling Arjun. Vandana shoves off Maya to leave. Maya falls down and fears for her child. Maya goes through the pain of a miscarriage. Vandana rushes her to the hospital. Doctor treats Maya. Doctor apologizes to Arjun and Vandana, for failing to save the child.


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