Harman limits Soumya’s bounds in Shakti


Harman gets angry on Soumya for going out of home. Soumya says I came to meet my dad. Harman angrily raises hand on Soumya. He fears to lose Soumya. He loses his temper because his over protective love. Soumya gets shocked seeing Harman’s rude behavior. He asks her does she not understand anything, by asking whom did she come to her Maayka.

She asks what wrong did I do by coming here. He says there is no house for you in this world, you have none except me, everyone else is crowd, who can have knife, gun or any stick to hurt you. Soumya asks him why is he doing this. She argues with him. She asks him to first explain what’s her mistake and clarify. Harman loves Soumya a lot. He can’t see Soumya becoming the target of people’s anger. Harman holds her hand and takes her home.


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