Meera to trouble Karan in Saathiya


Dharam and Meera romance. Their love story came back on track. Meera sends him a lovely poetic message. Karan has sent the message, but Dharam thinks Meera has sent it. Dharam gives her a rose. Meera gets glad. Dharam says all the fights and annoyances ended between us. Meera says yes, now we will just have love. He asks what will you do of your fighting habit. He teases her as Jhansi ki Rani. Meera laughs. Dharam tells Meera and Vidya that some important guests are coming, they have to make some good dishes.

Meera and Vidya assure Dharam of preparing good food. Meera sees Karan and the guests coming. Meera says I m happy for Karan and Dharam’s business deal. Karan gives the presentation, which upsets the clients. The client threatens to cancel Dharam’s business license if he cheats them this way. Karan uses his smartness and saves the deal. Dharam gets impressed by Karan. Meera and Karan’s hatred bond will bring many twists. Karan turns upset with Meera and tells Dharam. Dharam asks Meera to answer what did she do and makes her apologize to Karan.


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