Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Kusum Sundari announces Menka and Vardaan’s marriage. Vardaan agrees to marry Menka to get the election ticket for Kusum Sundari. Vardaan promises Kusum Sundari of accomplishing her dreams. Devanshi ties up Menka and shoots at her. Vardaan comes to Menka’s rescue. He asks Devanshi what is she upto. Devanshi says I will do what I like. She shoots beside Vardaan and scares him. Devanshi has become Kalki and tortures Menka.



Chakor meets Ajay for coffee. Chakor wanted to get proof against Ragini. Suraj comes there and gets angry seeing them. Suraj and Ajay get into a fight. Chakor tries to stop them and explain. Chakor slaps Suraj angrily. They continue the drama that they did not unite and hate each other. Meanwhile, at the haveli, Bhaiya ji clicks photos of Suraj and Imli. Inspector Ajay gave the camera to Bhaiya ji, to know Ragini’s truth. Bhaiya ji does not know the real intentions of Ajay. He clicks pictures of Suraj and Imli holding hands. Ajay asked Bhaiya ji to click everyone’s photos. Bhaiya ji is mentally unstable now and thinks he is Bhole Lord.

Meghna and Naina were fighting to help Karan, but now Sharda has come to stay with them and help Karan, by her knowledge of Ayurvedic medicines. Sharda will be making Karan’s illness away. Nandkishore taunts Sharda. Sharda has her belief and wants to stay with them. Nandkishore throws a party for Karan joining business. Karan does not want to go in party and sits in his room. Karan is not ready as he has allergy. Naina scolds Karan with love and reminds him the promise he made to her. Karan agrees to come in the party.


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