Ishwari to make her career in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


Dev and Sonakshi have a talk about their old times. They make plans of raising Suhana together. Dev wonders how people lie so much, that everything turns good in love, person gets happiness within. She asks him if he is not happy. Dev shares his fear of losing Sonakshi. Sonakshi assures him that they will always be together. Sonakshi knows Dev loves her much and treats her as a life partner. Dev finds Sonakshi getting more mature. They have a perfect partner moment. Ishwari is glad that Sonakshi returned in Dev’s life, and her family got completed.

Ishwari tries to prepare for her career. She goes out of home early morning to give interviews for a job. Ishwari is inspired by Asha. She does not tell Mami that she wants to make a start in her career. She realizes that she can work anytime in her life and make her name, children have grown up now and her duties are fulfilled. Dev and Sonakshi will be supporting Sonakshi. Ishwar and Sonakshi try to talk and share their heart matters with each other. Ishwari fears the family’s reaction on her decision. Sonakshi wants to tell Ishwari about meeting Nikki and her husband. Sonakshi and Dev went to meet Nikki and came home upset. Ishwari wants to tell Sonakshi about her job interviews, but could not say. They don’t understand how to share things and get hesitant.


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