Adi gets curious to know about Kiran in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman’s anger and taunts upsets the family. Aaliya feels Adi has done wrong with Raman. She still supports Adi. Raman vents his anger out on Aaliya indirectly. Ishita visits the clinic to see Kiran, who is Raman’s business partner. Raman meets Kiran, while Adi gets desperate to know about her. He asks Bala to find out about Kiran. Bala feels he knows Kiran. Ishita goes back home. Kiran tells Raman about solving the packaging units problem. Mihika asks Ishita to take some holiday. Everyone wants Raman and Ishita to spend time together. Ishita fears Adi and Raman may fight again in the office. Adi prepares for the launch with his client.

Adi gets excited seeing the invites. Adi decides to go to Raman and give him the invite. He gets to know Raman has a meeting with Kiran. Adi finds strange that he is not allowed to meet Raman. Ishita decides to get Raman’s attention and go out with him. She tells the family that she will book a hotel for Raman. Mihika gives her tips for romance. She teases Ishita. Ishita calls office to know about Raman. Aaliya meets Adi and sees the invite. She asks Adi to go the card to Raman and Ishita. She tells about Ishita’s plans for dinner date, but Raman had the dinner plan with Kiran.


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