Aggression, Tandav, justice and more lined in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Dayavanti wanted to burn Avni alive. Avni struggles to get free. Avni is tied up. Dayavanti tells Avni that she has killed Aisha, and wants to inform Aisha that she has made Aman like her, he will become a devil today, he will light the woods and burn his sister alive. Dayavanti goes to Aman and asks him to light the woods. Dayavanti wants Avni’s life to get sacrificed. Diksha and Aman try to calm down Dayavanti.

Dayavanti does the drama in front of Aman, and lies about Neela. Aman does not know what’s happening. Neela is failing to find Avni, who is caught up inside the wooden sticks. Neela knows Dayavanti has kidnapped Avni. She says Dayavanti is not a mum, but a Daayan, she has killed Ashish too. Neela cries for Ashish’s death. She argues with Dayavanti. She says you are a stain on a mum’s name, you have ruined Ashish’s love and snatched his happiness, you failed to become a good mum. Aman gets a shock to know this. Neela takes the Chandi avatar and does Tandav in the temple in front of Kaali Maa.

Dayavanti wants to take Avni’s life, but Neela does not want this to happen. Neela wants to save Avni. Dayavanti sees her destruction seeing Neela’s tandav. Neela dances with aggression and has pain to find Avni. Neela is very close to Avni. Avni comes out of the woods and has equal wrath on Dayavanti.

Neela has been tortured by Dayavanti. She asks Kaali Maa to come and save her daughter, as people say Kaali Maa comes to help the needy. Neil comes as their savior. He reaches the temple and saves Neela and Avni. Dayavanti’s crimes will be evaluated and then she will be punished by police. Avni finally gets justice for her parents’ death.


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