Mukhi turns Bahubali in Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage


Aru has fallen in big problem. The ghostly devil got after Aru. Aru gets too scared seeing the horrible face of the devil. She hides in the factory. The devil tries to attack on her. Aru tried to save herself and threw red chilli on the devil’s eyes, and pierced glass on his hands. Lal ji took the devil’s avatar to attack Aru. Lal ji gets injured. Aru does not let Lal ji succeed in his evil intentions.

Mukhi comes to the factory to find Aru. He sees Aru fighting with Lal ji who took the devil’s disguise. He beats up Lal ji and drags him to the panchayat. The men ask Aru about her step to injure Lal ji. Mukhi loses his cool and asks them to see what Lal ji did, why is the girl asked what she did in defense, see what the man was attempting to do, he was ruining Aru’s respect. Mukhi scolds the men for leaving Lal ji alive. He asks them how can they leave the man who tries to ruin a woman’s respect. Mukhi says Lal ji’s hands got injured, but he should be killed, he is a devil. Mukhi defends Aru and takes her along.


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