Anika’s help to Chanda creates a confusion in Ishqbaaz


Shivay is hurt within and leaves from the house. His car breaks down. Shivay reaches the Dargah. Kamini finds chances to trouble Priyanka. She makes Priyanka fall in Ranveer’s sight. Ranveer realizes Priyanka was lying, while Kamini messed up the house to prove Priyanka wrong. Kamini tells Ranveer that Priyanka is acting strange, like being mentally disturbed to forget things so much.

Chanda falls in trouble. She explains her love that she is helpless to do this engagement. Anika learns Chanda’s problem. Chanda tells her that she has to meet Amit and explain him, she can’t go for the engagement. She requests Anika to take her place and leave for the engagement. She gives her dress to Anika. Chanda convinces Anika.

Anika gets dressed and leaves with Chanda’s mum. She reaches the Dargah. Anika thinks if Shivay has forgotten her so soon and gets depressed seeing his photo with Ragini. They miss to see other at the Dargah. Anika and Shivay then have a miraculous filmi meet. Shivay gets mistaken about Anika’s engagement.


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