Pinky fails to realize her mistake in Ishqbaaz


Buamaa does not let Gauri do any work. Pinky asks Gauri to know what she should do in pregnancy. Buamaa protects Gauri. Pinky asks Buamaa to let Gauri do some work, it will help her in staying healthy. Buamaa calls Pinky jealous with Gauri’s pregnancy. Pinky gets angry by Buamaa’s accusations. Buamaa scolds Pinky for breaking Shivay’s marriage and happiness. Pinky warns Buamaa about Gauri’s child. Shivay congratulates Gauri for her pregnancy and acts much protective towards the coming baby. He promises Gauri that Omkara’s child will be absolutely fine. Gauri feels bad to cheat everyone.

Ragini’s family questions Ragini about Shivay and her. Ragini asks them not to worry. Ragini tells them that she is very happy. Samar asks her why did she make him hire Anika. Ragini does not answer him. Ragini’s psychotic side is seen. She tells them that she will be marrying Shivay soon. Samar gets a shock.

Pinky asks Shivay to give some time to her. She finds him a changed man. She does not accept his rude behavior. Pinky asks him why did he get behind of Omkara, who is becoming a father. She asks him to forget Anika and move on in life, marry someone. She does not want him to vent anger on his life. She asks him to live his life. Shivay asks her not to worry for him. Pinky does not realize her mistake.


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