Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Shakti: Soumya had drunk poison. She has got unwell. Preeto and Harman get on Soumya’s side to take care of her. Soumya gets glad that Preeto is coming close to her. Harman’s birthday is coming. Soumya asks Harman his age. Harman says I m just 25. His little nephew tells his real age. Harman sends the boy. Soumya laughs. Harman says one who has love in heart is always young. Soumya praises Harman for being a good lover. Harman asks her not to melt his heart by her sweet words now. Harman and Soumya prepare and plan for the party.


Chakor and Suraj try to take Suraj and Imli’s photos from Bhaiya ji. They get to see Ragini and doctor’s photo which falls from Bhaiya ji’s pocket. Chakor and Suraj get shocked seeing the photos and understand the plan. Chakor shatters on knowing the truth of Imli’s pregnancy. She thinks none can be worse than her, she is the worst wife and sister. She cries and breaks the mirror. She curses herself and apologizes to Suraj, for her big mistake to doubt on his character. Chakor got to know Ragini’s evil plan against Vivaan and Imli. Suraj forgives her and wipes her tears.


Kunal has become CEO of the company. Kunal and Meghna celebrate his success and romance in the rain. Karan dances in the party and looks much confident. Naina gets glad seeing Karan’s excitement. Kunal has named his organic plant business and also his cabin in office to Karan. They all boosted Karan’s morale and is doing everything to make him fine. Both the couples happily dance. Meghna hopes Karan can get fine in 15 days. Its a big challenge, but Naina and everyone will succeed in making Karan live a normal life.

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