Naina’s true intentions gets revealed in Pardes


Naina meets Tai and wants to know what are Sudha and Pam doing in the chawl. Ira gets to know Naina’s truth of duping Khurana to ruin him. She informs Pam and Sudha about this. Pam tells Ira that Raghav is alive. Dadi hears Ira and gets a shock knowing this. Dadi gets hope and informs Naina. Naina asks Tai not to leave Sudha and Pam. Dadi asks Naina to find Raghav. Naina gets happily shocked by the news and promises Dadi that she will find Raghav. Tai helps Naina. Naina and Tai get together to find Raghav. They reach the kidnappers’ place. The man asks Naina to give a big price for her love. Naina tells the goon to let her meet Raghav once and take everything she wants. Harjeet planned all this to expose Naina in front of Khurana. Naina tells Raghav that she married Khurana to ruin him, she has done all this to take revenge of Raghav’s death.

Naina gets a huge shock knowing Khurana was acting to be Raghav to hear her complete truth. She asks him what game is she playing with him. Khurana tells her how he has planned everything against her. Dadi gets angry on Khurana for his cheap plan.


Khurana tells Naina how he caught her lies and he did not care for anything, while giving her a chance for Ahaan’s sake. He asks Naina why did she make the marriage a joke knowing he loves her. Naina expresses her hatred to Khurana. She humiliates Khurana for being a coward. She blames Khurana for killing Raghav. She tells him that she will not forgive him. Harjeet exposes Naina’s true intentions. She tells Khurana that Naina has separated them. Naina reveals Harjeet’s bad doings. She tells how Harjeet has killed Ahana. Naina takes Ahana’s avatar, shocking Khurana. Harjeet lies that she did not kill Ahana. Khurana yells on Naina for fooling them as Ahana. He asks Naina to leave from his house. Naina reminds him that he has named everything on her, and asks Khurana to leave from her house. Khurana realizes his mistake. He refuses to leave without his child.


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