Naira wins Dadi’s love and trust in Yeh Rishta….


Kartik and Naira become part of the Shraddh puja of Suwarna’s son. Kartik forgets Suwarna’s doings for a while. Kartik and Dadi have a fight again, because of Gayu’s alliance. Naira wanted everything to get fine. Dadi and Kartik get much upset with each other. Naira tries to convince everyone. She calls the family to calm down Kartik’s anger. She knows everyone loves each other. She convinces Kartik to forget the matter.

Dadi takes a rash decision to get away from home, as her presence is annoying everyone. Naira drives the bike and stops Dadi on the way. She apologizes to Dadi. She sits in Dadi’s feet. She says we won’t be able to stay happy without you, think of Kartik and come back. She convinces Dadi to come home. Dadi asks Naira what is she seeing now, and sits on the bike, asking her to take her to Kartik. Naira says I don’t drive, but fly the bike.

Kartik gets upset that Dadi has left home. Everyone surprises Kartik. Dadi meets Kartik and hugs him. She says Naira is a very nice girl, she made me realize that life is short and annoyances should not be there. I realized I should not be away from Kartik. Kartik gets glad. Dadi says Naira is very sensible. Kartik asks Naira how did she convince Dadi and hugs her. Dadi sees them romancing and disturbs. They see Dadi and make excuses. Kartik leaves for office. Naira talks to Dadi about supporting Kirti. Dadi agrees to Naira. She sees Kirti alone and depressed. She is worried for Kirti’s future, how to settle her in life. Dadi thinks to find a guy for Kirti and get her remarried. All the women support Naira and Kirti.


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