Naren to propose Pooja in Piyaa Albela


Pooja and Naren have strong friendship. Pooja asks Naren why did he ruin the room in anger if anyone spoke bad about her. Naren says how could I listen anything wrong about you, can you hear anyone speaking bad about her. She asks him how can he expect Surbhi to understand him in a day. Naren is angry after seeing Pooja’s insult. He has ruined his room. She says it does not matter if Surbhi insulted me. He says she has done wrong, I don’t want to do any mistake by marrying Surbhi. She asks him to be sensible. He says I m not sensible, it will be better I break this marriage. Pooja loves Naren and is convincing him to marry Surbhi.

Naren asks Pooja will she marry him. Naren holds her hand and says marriage is a big decision in life, why don’t you marry me. He proposes Pooja. Pooja gets a shock. She gets in dilemma about accepting Naren’s love or remember the reality, and convince him for marrying Sakshi. Naren does not understand why he got much affected by Pooja’s insult. Pooja was thinking Naren loves her as a friend. Naren confesses to Pooja that he is seeing her everywhere, he thinks he is in love with her. Pooja gets speechless by his proposal and cries. Naren and Pooja want happiness for each other. Pooja does not answer him. Naren gives her time to think and leaves.



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