New love triangle to begin in Sasural Simar Ka


Sanjana’s friend Sameer has come to Bharadwaj’s house. Sameer has made a good entry, and saved Sanjana from the goons. He is a NRI from London. He gets a chance to stay with them. Everyone wants to fix Sameer and Sanjana’s alliance, but Anjali is against them. Mata ji tells Sanjana that Simar and she has observed that Sanjana stays happy with Sameer, and he takes care of her well, if they both are happy, then they would like to get them married. Sameer gets speechless and leaves. Anjali gets angry hearing this, as her marriage just got broken.

She is not happy seeing the new alliance forming. She is still dealing with the pain of her relation with Vikram breaking. Everyone asks him to dine with them. Sameer dines with them, and finds chilli in everything. Anjali spoils the food. Sameer gets upset. Simar thinks how did he not like anything. Sameer did not think he will get such a welcome at home. Anjali has become his enemy and is troubling him. She wants Sameer to leave. Anjali then gets to know Sameer got her room. She drops ants on his bed and puts glue in his shoes, to trouble Sameer. There will be love triangle between Sameer, Anjali and Sanjana.



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