Sia to frame Pinku in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Sia frames Ricky and Sameera. She meets them at the cafe. She is annoyed with them. She asks them why did they come so late. Sia scolds Sameera for making the top designer wait for 2 hours. She says the designer is from London, and everyone take the appointment from him to meet him once. She says I had fixed the meeting by difficulty, but you came late, you lost your chance and my chance was also snatched. Sameera says we reached on time. Sita tells her the time she mentioned to Pinku. Ricky asks Pinku to check the message.

Pinku admits his mistake in front of them and apologizes. Ricky asks Pinku is writing the wrong time a small mistake, everything got spoiled. Sita and Jaggi have changed the message in Pinku’s phone to break Pinku and Sameera’s bonding. Sia says Sameera does not value time and lost a big opportunity. Sia scolds him for his mistake, which made them lose a big chance. Ricky still believes Sia is Sita. Sameera asks Ricky not to add troubles by his stupid doubts. Ricky is fallen for Sia. Sia says I will try to fix the meeting with the designer again, but he will be angry. Sameera says please try, we will apologize to him and also give an apology gift. Jaggi will be meeting them as the designer.



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