Chandrakanta to trick Kroor Singh


Kroor Singh wants to marry Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta has come to Kroor Singh. She asks his servants to leave. She has changed her plans to fool Kroor Singh. She spends some time in private with Kroor Singh. She uses her charm on him. He is smitten by her beauty. Kroor Singh was troubling Chandrakanta and Virendra a lot.

Chandrakanta has learnt that his intentions are not good. He was protective about her since long. She fake flirts with him to get some info from him for Virendra’s sake. She plays a game with him and makes him answer her questions in a way that he does not understand her motives. She sheds tears to emotionally blackmail him. Kroor Singh asks her not to cry, he can’t bear the sight. She traps him and says I want revenge from Virendra. Kroor Singh asks her not to worry, as he also wants Virendra dead. He tells her what he is planning to kill Virendra. She gets to know Kroor Singh’s plans and leaves. Kroor Singh realize Chandrakanta has made him speak up everything.


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