High Five Spoilers

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Chandrakanta: Kroor Singh wants to marry Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta has come to Kroor Singh. She asks his servants to leave. She has changed her plans to fool Kroor Singh. She spends some time in private with Kroor Singh. She uses her charm on him. He is smitten by her beauty. Kroor Singh was troubling Chandrakanta and Virendra a lot.

Dayavanti lights the fire to the woods. Avni fights with death. The ropes burn off. Avni gets freed from the ropes. She pushes the burning woods and gets free. She wishes Neil and Neela come there. She has become a superwoman to emerge victorious. She shows her strength to Dayavanti.
Dayavanti changes her colors. Neela says I have loved Avni more than anyone else, she is my daughter, I will not let anyone hurt her. Dayavanti asks Neela what does she want to say. Dayavanti gets worried.

Santoshi Maa:

Asur Raj comes to meet Kranti Maa to use her against Santoshi Maa. Kranti Maa asks her men to kick out Asur Raj, after failing to recognize him. Asur Raj convinces her by promising to give his powers to her. Kranti Maa agrees to help him and trouble Santoshi.

Maya punishes Vandana for killing her child. She asks Vandana to go to her child and attempts to murder her. Vandana tells Maya that if she kills her, her child won’t come back. She asks Maya not to do anything wrong. Maya does not listen to her and shuts Vandana in the bed chamber. Ayaan realizes Maya will try to kill Vandana to take revenge for her child’s loss. He alerts Saanjh and asks her to hurry up for home, to save Vandana. Saanjh rushes to save Vandana. Will Vandana survive?

Dil Boley Oberoi:
Buamaa’s conspiracy is going on. Buamaa gets tea for Omkara. Gauri stops Omkara from having it, and drinks the tea to check it. The tea is fine. Gauri realizes Buamaa will definitely try to harm Omkara. Buamaa adds something in the tilak to harm him.

Meghna and Naina pray for Karan’s recovery. Nandkishore taunts the sisters. He does the drama to make their confidence low. Karan will be getting fine by Naina’s efforts.


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