Anika vows to reinstate Shivay’s persona in Ishqbaaz


Shivay confronts his brothers for naming the house to Anika. Omkara and Rudra try to make a story of deceive. They act ignorant, but Shivay understands they have purposely done so. They ask Shivay not to do any legal changes, as Anika deserves the house as alimony. Shivay respects his brother’s wish and leaves the house to Anika. Anika apologizes to Dadi for speaking to her badly at the time of leaving home. Dadi forgives her and understands Anika is doing all this by some intention. Anika promises Dadi that she will make Shivay as before. Anika finds Shivay a changed man. She does not find any old virtue in him. Omkara reminds Anika why they called her home. She promises Omkara and Rudra that she will fill life in Shivay, and make him arrogant and angry Tadibaaz again. Pinky wants Anika out of Shivay’s life. She can’t stand Anika.

Pinky asks Shivay to throw out Anika. Shivay turns deaf ears, being unconcerned for whatever happens at home. Ragini asks Samar to get Shivay for her at any cost. Seeing Ragini’s madness, Samar promises to get Shivay for her. Ragini is sure that Shivay is the last guy in her life.

Meanwhile, Ranveer tries to know Priyanka’s problem. Priyanka tells him that she did not wish to argue with Kamini for her lies. She is sure that she has finished all the work, and knows Kamini is lying. She tries to maintain harmony at home, but Ranveer feels she is losing out. Kamini plans to make Priyanka mentally ill by hitting on her self-confidence.

Anika changes Shivay’s room completely. She occupies his room, thinking he would react. Shivay gives away everything with ease. Anika really starts worrying, as no emotions are left in him. She wants him to hate her, shout on her, vent out his anger. Shivay’s happiness, smile and feelings are gone by her deceive. She promises to make Shivay her Bagad Billa again.


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