Anjali to create troubles for Sanjana in Sasural Simar Ka


Sanjana has agreed to marry Sameer. Mata ji and Simar bless them. Sanjana says we are ready for this alliance. Simar says I m very happy and hugs Sanjana. Sameer has impressed everyone. Aarav tells the good news to family. He says its related to Sameer, he gave a good solution to expand our business. Everyone praises Sameer. Mata ji fixes the marriage date. She says pandit ji has given the dates, and we will get them married as per the shubh mahurats, happiness will come.

Anjali is angry and feels ignored. She thinks no one is bothered about her sorrow and pain, she will not let Sanjana and Sameer marry. Sanjana gets an allergy. Sameer takes care of her. He wants to share all her pain. Sameer’s gesture impresses Sanjana. Anjali has made Sanjana gets this allergy to trouble her. She wanted to stop the function. Everyone comes to provide home remedies to Sanjana. Sanjana worries for going ahead with marriage functions, with such a bad allergy spoiling her face. Sameer tells Sanjana that her heart matters to him, than beauty. Pari and Khushi find a way to insult Roshni. They call her a maid and give old clothes.



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