Imli to take Chandi’s avatar in Udaan


Ragini’s evil plan got exposed. Vivaan, Imli, Chakor and Suraj surround Ragini. Imli has faced a lot of sorrow because of Ragini. Ragini has burnt Suraj and Chakor’s relation and made Imli away from Vivaan. She brought much sorrow in their lives. Ragini threatens them to leave. Vivaan wants to kill Ragini, but he stops himself. Imli gets the Chandi’s avatar and gets Mata’s trishul to stab Ragini. She screams and runs to kill her.

Vivaan and Chakor stop Imli and ask her to leave Ragini. They don’t want Imli to commit any murder. Imli tells Ragini that Vivaan has accepted her child, Ragini has failed. She beats up Ragini. Imli wanted to make Ragini pay for all her sorrows. Ajay comes there and arrests Ragini to get her punished. The villagers apologize to Imli for pelting stones at her and questioning her character. Finally, the truth has come out. All gets well between both the couples.


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