Devanshi’s Swayamvar calls for twists


Devanshi keeps her Swayamvar. A contest is kept at the home. Devanshi as Kalki is finding her life partner. The guys try to impress Kalki, knowing she would be sharing her property with her husband. Devanshi becomes the sole judge. Kusum Sundari asks Vardaan to participate in the contest. She wants Vardaan to marry Kalki, so that they get her property. Vardaan comes on stage and creates a scene. He argues with the men and send them away. Devanshi asks Vardaan to leave.

Devanshi tells the guys that its not easy for them to win her. She takes their tests. She gives him different tasks. Devanshi is happy seeing Vardaan. She knows Vardaan is affected by her. Vardaan asks her why did she make him clean the well. She says to clean the dirty water, else people would have got angry. She wanted to expose Menka. Menka had added the junk in the well to spoil Kalki’s image. Devanshi’s plan works, when Menka admits her mistake. Vardaan angrily leaves from there. Kusum Sundari ignites the fire near the stage. Devanshi gets surrounded by the fire. Kusum Sundari thinks Vardaan will come to save Kalki. Vardaan does not turn up early.



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