Naira takes a stand for Kirti in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Everyone feel proud to have a bahu like Naira at home. Lav and Kush have a fight and complain to elders. Suwarna gets conscious when she hears Manish and Dadi talking. She gets afraid thinking her lie will come out. Kartik and Naira see Kirti avoiding people. Kirti loses confidence and wish to gel with people. She does not want to answer anyone about her relationship status. She asks them not to feel bad for her. She decides to stay away from the house when relatives come home. Manish feels bad for Kirti’s life. Suwarna agrees with Kirti’s decision. Naira explains Kirti not to feel low, as she has complete family with her. She tells Kirti that she is not single even now. She pacifies Kirti’s sorrows. Dadi gets happy seeing Naira boosting Kirti’s confidence.

Dadi supports Kirti. Naira asks Kirti to come with them in Kartik’s friend’s party. Kirti refuses initially, but Dadi encourages her to go. Naitik explains Naksh to get married in time, but Naksh does not understand. Kirti and Naksh have a talk to buy a gift for Naira. Naksh helps her out. Dadi asks Naira to take special care of Kirti. Naira tells Kartik about taking Kirti to the party. He asks her not to force Kirti. Kartik gets mesmerized seeing Naira at the party. Kirti gets upset on not getting an entry in the party. Kirti tells Kartik and Naira that she does not feel bad about anything. She asks them to go for the party for Kartik’s friend’s sake. Dadi gets to know about Kirti not getting an entry in the party. She gets upset with Naira.


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