Naren and Pooja take a decision in Piyaa Albela


Supriya informs Pooja that Naren agreed for marriage, it’s all because of her. She asks Pooja to come home and take responsibilities in her hand. Pooja does not want Naren to get worried. Naren and Pooja meet outside and have a talk. Naren does not know he loves Pooja. They sit in the rains. Surbhi’s dad sees them together.

Pooja tells him to marry Naren. Pooja is very connected with Naren’s family. She had to sacrifice her love for Naren’s family. Supriya is happy for Naren and Surbhi’s marriage. Pooja also wants to get married on the same day and same mandap. Surbhi did not wish Pooja to be around Naren, but she is relieved that Pooja will be going away from Naren forever. Naren and Pooja decide to do everything together and become part of each other’s marriage. They both agree to the proposal of keeping both marriages together. Surbhi’s dad raises a question on Naren and Pooja’s relation. Naren and Pooja’s mutual decision to get married in the same mandap invites many twists.


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