Adi lets down Raman’s expectations in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New troubles mount up for Raman

Raman has high hopes that Adi will be paying him honor in front of everyone. Ishita tries to get Bala and Kiran together. She leaves Bala in an embarrassing situation. Roshni avoids going to the launch party. She calls Ishita for some urgent work. Ishita does not answer. Roshni thinks to meet Ishita and gets her signs on the documents. Shagun and Mani talk to Adi’s client. Mani wants Adi to work under Raman’s guidance. He leaves the decision to Adi. Raman shares his happiness with Ishita. Adi gets prepared to give the speech in favor of Raman’s respect. Roshni happens to come across Shagun and apologizes to her.

Adi thanks everyone for coming for the launch. Raman expects Adi calling him on stage. Ruhi wishes him all the best. Ishita learns Shagun’s move to guide Adi to leave Raman’s company. Mani asks Shagun not to interfere in Adi and Aaliya’s lives. Shagun tells Mani that Adi was talking of Raman in his speech, so I told him to talk just of Taneja to get more work. Ishita gets worried knowing Raman will be badly hurt. Adi names his client for all his support and believing in him. Raman feels bad that Adi did not mention his name. Raman tries to look happy. Ishita explains Raman why Adi did that to get funds for business. Adi hopes Raman understands he just did this to win investors.


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