Lots of laughs to mark Ishqbaaz’s one-hour episodes


Rudra’s birthday is celebrated in Oberoi mansion. Anika and Gauri make special cakes for Rudra. They sing a song for Rudra. Shivay and Omkara too get specially handmade cakes for Rudra. They also sing a song for the birthday cake. Rudra’s brothers and Bhabhis ask Rudra to cut the cake brought by them. Anika and Shivay get into an argument. Rudra asks them not to fight today, its his birthday. Rudra falls in trouble when both of them compete to make their cake win. It’s girls versus boys. Anika asks Rudra to cut the cake she got. Rudra says no, I will cut the cake got by my brother. Omkara says we have a blood relation, Rudra is ours first. They all fight. Anika smashes the cake on Shivay’s face.

Shivay angrily stabs the cake got by Anika and smears on her face. Gauri says you have killed our cake. Bhavya says we will not leave you. Everyone celebrates the birthday by an unusual cake smearing wave. Rudra celebrates his birthday with a twist. Bhavya smashes the cake on his face. Rudra smashes the cake on Bhavya’s face. Gauri also smear the cake on Omkara’s face, followed by Dadi, Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky. They all enjoy in Rudra’s birthday and have a laugh. The brothers have a DBO moment. Rudra calls his birthday most special, after having a cake holi.


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