Antakshari twist to express feelings in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni are annoyed with each other. They know they have to part ways. Neil and Avni have much love in heart, which reflects by their eyes. Neela and Prakash try to get Avni and Neil closer. Ali wishes happy birthday to Avni and sings a song for her. Neil too sings to express his feelings for Avni. Neil sings Aye Dil Hai Mushkil, while Avni sings Lag jaa gale to make Neil realize what’s in her heart. Neil feels Avni is staying here just for Bebe, and does not love him. Neil asks Avni why is she staying back with them. He wants to know what is Avni thinking. Neil and Avni are confused whether they love each other or not. Ali confesses love to Avni and gives her a rose. Ali wants Avni to leave Neil. Neil gets jealous. Ali loves Avni since childhood. Neil knows this fact and thinks Avni also loves Ali.

Neil overhears Avni and Shweta’s conversation. He gets mistaken that Avni is doing a favor on him and his family, by staying as his wife. Neil feels Avni is unhappy by this reason, feeling pressured to keep the marriage. He wants to let her free as they decided before. Avni has other reasons to stay upset. Avni thinks she will miss Neil and his family a lot, once she leaves from his house. She does not want to go away from a loving family, who gave her many true relations. Shweta taunts Avni for not being happy even if they did so much for her. Avni is emotional as she has to leave from her inlaws soon. Neil and Avni have a dance in the party. Shweta, Maddy and Krishna also perform. Everyone sing out their emotions.



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