Bhaiya ji gets back to ferocious self in Udaan


Bhaiya ji will be seen in his old avatar. Ragini was arrested by police and Vivaan got changed. They both did not give the injection to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji returned to normalcy. He got mentally fine. He holds Chakor responsible for this state and tries to kill her. Suraj stops him and says Ragini has done this, she wanted to get power from you since the beginning. Suraj and Chakor hide that Vivaan was also involved in this scam. They save Vivaan, knowing if Bhaiya ji knows Vivaan also gave him injections, he would kill Vivaan as well.

Vivaan gets saved, all thanks to the unity formed between Chakor, Suraj, Imli and him. Bhaiya ji reaches the police station to meet Ragini, as inspector Ajay had arrested Ragini. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to come out. Inspector Ajay points gun at him to keep quiet. He asks Bhaiya ji where did he hide Ragini, she has run away from the lockup. Bhaiya ji asks what nonsense, I came here to kill her, Ragini has given me medicines to make me mad, you know who I m, I m Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi, the king of Aazaadgunj, I want that Ragini to be alive so that she dies by my hands, I will find her any how. He does not believe Inspector Ajay and blames him for making Ragini escape. He asks Ajay to get Ragini out, or accept he has taken the bribe.

Chakor and Suraj reach the police station. Ajay asks Bhaiya ji to stop the drama and throw his pistol. Chakor and Suraj get worried hearing Ragini has run away. Suraj holds Ajay responsible and goes to beat him. Chakor says Ragini has run away, it means she will come back to take revenge from us. Suraj says its all Ajay’s mistake, how can she run away. Ajay tells him not to raise hand on police, else he will put him in lockup. He tells Chakor that someone has helped Ragini to escape from jail. They think who is the one who helped Ragini. Imli has helped Ragini run away from the jail to take revenge by her hands. She does not want Ragini to tell Bhaiya ji that Vivaan also helped Ragini in making Bhaiya ji mad. Imli wants to save Vivaan from Bhaiya ji’s wrath.


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