Teej celebrations to bring twists in Swabhimaan


Meghna and Kunal come back home safely. Sandhya has failed to target Meghna. Dada ji is hopeful that Haryali Teej will bring positivity at home. Naina has the pressure to cure Karan within the given time. Chauhan family celebrate Teej. Naina and Meghna get the mehendi applied. Dada ji’s positive talk makes them feel good. Dada ji says his two bahus are like Parvati Maa, who did great tapasya to get Shiv. Meghna and Naina pray for Kunal and Karan’s well being and happiness.

Kunal teases Naina and asks her to talk to Karan. He helps her out and makes her talk to Karan on call. Naina asks Karan about his day at office. She hopes Karan is having a good time at work. Kunal sweetly holds the phone till she ends the conversation. Nandkishore comes to spoil the fun. He tells everyone that Meghna and Kunal will sit in the puja this year. Dada ji tells him that Naina will sit in puja as an unmarried girl, its her test, she has to do taspasya for Karan. Naina agrees to Nandkishore’s condition. Sharda witnesses Nandkishore’s drama and gets worried for her daughters.



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