Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka:
Roshni mistakenly makes the flour fall on Mata ji. Ananya has fixed the fan to make flour fly off. Mata ji gets angry. Simar comes to defend Roshni. Mata ji says I was going to temple to call pandit, how will I go now. Simar apologizes to her. Mata ji says its fine, I will change clothes and go. Ananya and Pari are torturing Roshni. Mata ji is supporting Roshni, but acting to be rude in front of others.

Soumya sees Harman sleeping. She goes to do preparations for his birthday. She blows the balloons and decorates the room to give a surprise to Harman. She does shopping and keeps the gifts aside. She takes Surbhi’s help and prepares a cake for Harman. Surbhi asks Soumya to keep the cake. Soumya wants to make Harman’s birthday very special. Preeto wants to get Harman and Soumya’s relation in front of the world.

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Meghna and Kunal come back home safely. Sandhya has failed to target Meghna. Dada ji is hopeful that Haryali Teej will bring positivity at home. Naina has the pressure to cure Karan within the given time. Chauhan family celebrate Teej. Naina and Meghna get the mehendi applied. Dada ji’s positive talk makes them feel good. Dada ji says his two bahus are like Parvati Maa, who did great tapasya to get Shiv. Meghna and Naina pray for Kunal and Karan’s well being and happiness.


Bhaiya ji will be seen in his old avatar. Ragini was arrested by police and Vivaan got changed. They both did not give the injection to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji returned to normalcy. He got mentally fine. He holds Chakor responsible for this state and tries to kill her. Suraj stops him and says Ragini has done this, she wanted to get power from you since the beginning. Suraj and Chakor hide that Vivaan was also involved in this scam. They save Vivaan, knowing if Bhaiya ji knows Vivaan also gave him injections, he would kill Vivaan as well.


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