Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Dhhai Kilo Prem: After marriage, Piyush tells Dipika that he had made many attempts to tell her the truth. He says I don’t love you and did not wish to marry you, I just love Sarika. Dipika gets a huge shock hearing him. Dipika had many dreams, as she loves Piyush. Dipika falls down. Piyush holds her. She pushes him and cries, being shattered with this revelation. Piyush asks her not to leave. Dipika asks him why does he care for her now. Piyush tells her that he will never regard her as his wife. Piyush’s shocking words broke her heart.


Neil and Avni are annoyed with each other. They know they have to part ways. Neil and Avni have much love in heart, which reflects by their eyes. Neela and Prakash try to get Avni and Neil closer. Ali wishes happy birthday to Avni and sings a song for her. Neil too sings to express his feelings for Avni. Neil feels Avni is staying here just for Bebe, and does not love him. Neil and Avni are confused whether they love each other or not. Ali confesses love to Avni and gives her a rose. Neil gets jealous. Ali loves Avni since childhood. Neil knows this fact and thinks Avni also loves Ali.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Dadi’s friend Anita has come home to Goenka house from London. She meets everyone. She keeps talking to Kirti about her broken marriage, while Kartik and Naira try to stop her, as her words are hurting Kirti. Anita does not care and comments on Kirti’s marriage breaking. She gets an alliance for Kirti and shows as if she is doing a big favor on Kirti. Anita gets her annoyance out, as Goenkas did not marry Kirti to her son Arjun years ago. She taunts on their money blind sight to choose Aditya for Kirti. Naira tells Anita that they will do what is right for Kirti, and they will just wait for Kirti’s decision. She says Kirti should do what she likes, its not about what we like.


Gauri decides to leave the house. Omkara stops Gauri from leaving. Gauri has stayed with him to protect his life from hidden enemies. Gauri feels depressed, but takes this tough decision to leave from his life, for the sake of his happiness. Omkara’s life is safe now. Buamaa’s chapter has got closed. Gauri feels Omkara will be happy without her. She knows she has always lied to him to stick around. Omkara does not let Gauri leave from the house. Gauri asks Omkara how can she stay with him, if he does not regard her as his wife. Omkara has many favors on him done by Gauri. Omkara mends his mind to accept Gauri as his wife.


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