Dadi’s decision on Kirti’s future surprises all in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi worries for Kirti’s future. She takes Kirti and Naira’s side, and says Naira is saying right, it will be Kirti’s decision. Dadi asks Anita not to say a word against Kirti, else she will forget that they had any relation. Dadi supports Kirti’s decision to live independent life till she feels like moving on with someone. Kirti always feels Dadi is strict and does everything for family respect. Dadi stands for Kirti, and gives importance to family. Kirti gets emotional and hugs her. Kirti has got peace in her family. Dadi does not want to become responsible for Kirti’s tears.

Naira explains Anita that once Kirti gets fine, they will get someone in her life. Anita taunts Kirti that she refused to marry her son before and Aditya has ruined her life, and now she is doing same mistake. Dadi tells Anita that they did mistake by getting Kirti’s marriage done by their choice before, but this time they will not force Kirti to marry the guy by their choice, Kirti will choose someone towards whom her heart gets inclined. Dadi leaves the decision to Kirti. Kartik and Naira get glad by Dadi’s right decision. Naksh is Kirti’s good friend. Naksh will be bringing happiness in her life. Kirti will be getting married to Naksh in coming track.


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