Piyush’s revelation stuns Dipika in Dhhai Kilo Prem


After marriage, Piyush tells Dipika that he had made many attempts to tell her the truth. He says I don’t love you and did not wish to marry you, I just love Sarika. Dipika gets a huge shock hearing him. Dipika had many dreams, as she loves Piyush. Dipika falls down. Piyush holds her. She pushes him and cries, being shattered with this revelation. Piyush asks her not to leave. Dipika asks him why does he care for her now. Piyush tells her that he will never regard her as his wife. Piyush’s shocking words broke her heart.

Dipika refuses to accept Piyush as her husband. She faces the truth and tries to be strong. She asks him to answer all her questions. Piyush answers her how the misunderstanding got created. Dipika tells him that she has seen many dreams of their marriage, if he did not had courage to tell her, how could he marry her and ruin her life, how could he bend in front of his parents and decide for her life. She breaks her marriage with Piyush, and says I don’t want to see your face now. She does not want to stay in Piyush’s house, where she has no respect. She leaves from the room. Dipika walks on the road, shedding tears. She does not know what to do.


Dipika goes for pagphere. Her aunty asks her why did she come back, don’t leave inlaws for your parents’ sake, if you leave Piyush, they will give up their life, they have gone to Vaishno devi to thank Mata for your marriage, if they learn this shocking thing, they will die. Dipika returns to inlaws for her parents’ sake. The family sees Dipika and Piyush’s ongoing tension. Piyush’s dad knew Piyush did not wish to marry Dipika. He asks Piyush what’s happening. Piyush says I did not tell anything to her. Dipika stays distant from Piyush.


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