Harman dismisses Soumya’s demands in Shakti


Harman and Soumya celebrated his birthday well. Soumya asks Harman why is his refusing to tell truth to the world if he has no problem with her identity. She is fighting with him for her identity. She asks him to give her rights. She says we got a chance to bring my truth out. Harman says your identity is that you are my wife. He does not want to tell anything about her. She wants Harman to get her truth out. He asks why do you need an identity. She says I want to live free, I will get freedom from fake questions and fears, I will be called your wife with my identity, then I don’t get scared of even death. He says things have changed now. She asks what changed now, did I do any mistake, you would be hating me now, you would be ashamed that your wife is a kinner.

He asks her not to say anything like that. He is adamant not to tell anyone the truth. She asks what do you mean, what’s the use to hide the truth. He says you will never understand what I m going through. She feels Harman does not love her. He says guy and girl like beauty in each other, what’s wrong if I like your beauty. She says but I m a kinner. He says I got to know this later, I fell in love with you before. She says it means you love my beauty, not my identity, you say it clearly that you just have pity for a kinner. Harman can’t explain her that he left everything for her. He is protecting her. He asks her not to think of the world, who has made her living troublesome. He says I have given you an identity, your name is linked to mine. She asks him is his decision final. He says I will not tell truth to anyone and leaves angrily. Soumya feels Preeto was right about Harman.


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