Piyush finds a moment to celebrate in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali is using her smartness to create hurdles for Sanjana. She asks Sameer is he doing any important work. Sameer says I was checking mails, I m actually waiting for Sanjana, we are going on a date. Anjali tells Sameer that its his first date and he should plan it well. She tricks him acting to help him. She makes some fake documents and changes his files. She wants to break Sameer and Sanjana’s alliance. Anjali fails in her plans.

On the other hand, Piyush and Roshni have a romantic moment. Roshni is happy that Piyush is supporting her. He says I will help you in making the food. Piyush takes her on date to celebrate his new job. Piyush finds the roof leaking, and tries to fix it. He feels sorry for failing to give a good life to Roshni. Roshni tells him that she is very happy with him. Piyush gets stuck in a ladder. Roshni sees him and laughs. Piyush is glad that his doings made her laugh freely. He promises her that very soon he will give her the best of life.


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