Revelations about Advay and Chandni’s past in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


The second episode gets more drama. Advay manages to save the huge Shiv idol, while having a fight with the local guys. The scene looks much filmi. Even though, a grand feel gets attached to it. Advay’s heroic move happens parallel to Chandni’s courageous move to come out of her house, after one year. Chandni defends some kinners, who wish for an entrance in the temple to make their prayers. The people still find time to gossip about Chandni’s stay outside home. They all assume Chandni had an affair with her lover and cooked this kidnapping story to hide her bad image. Advay does not feel pity for Chandni. He thinks to make Chandni’s life hell by defaming her to the core. Advay and Chandni’s childhood friendship is seen. They both had much tashan. Advay was about to do Maha aarti in the temple.

Chandni is prepared to do Maha aarti in the temple now. Advay gets flashes of his parents’ death. His father was the temple head 16 years ago. By some manipulations by Chandni’s family to get hands on the treasure, his parents lost their respect, status and lives. Chandni was also responsible as she has testified negative about them. Chandni’s father then turned the temple’s head. Advay aims revenge against Chandni. He sets his mind to make Chandni suffer for her bad deeds. Chandni’s innocence looks a drama to him. Advay aims to expose her truth in front of everyone. Chandni has snatched all his happiness and good fate. Advay has the anger clubbed in his heart since 16 years. Advay starts creating the web to trap Chandni in love.

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