Adi and Aaliya buy some quality time in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking drama with Adi's return

Ishita worries for Raman and calls up Bala to find out. Bala doubts Raman has gone to meet Kiran. Bala meets Kiran and asks her about Raman. Kiran does not let him enter the house. Bala asks her not to hurt Bhallas and go back from where she has come. Kiran has come with some intentions. She does not deter from her plans. She tells him that Raman fell asleep while working. Bala wakes up Raman and explains him the situation. Raman tells Bala that he fell asleep maybe by medicine effect. Bala asks him to come fast. He warns Kiran to keep some distance from Raman.

Adi and Aaliya plan to leave for their honeymoon. Shagun comes to meet them. Ishita asks Aaliya to leave all worries behind and enjoy. Adi and Aaliya have some tension free time away from home. Aaliya gets upset that Adi is going for work. He asks her to go for shopping till he gets free. They make plans to go out in evening. Ruhi and Ishita try to figure out Pihu’s problem at school. Ruhi goes to meet Pihu. Ruhi joins the school as music teacher to help out Pihu. Ishita tries to be friendly with Shagun to keep her promise to Aaliya. Shagun does not like talking to Ishita. Ishita puts forth her business proposal to Shagun. Adi and Aaliya have some good time at the pub.


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