Omkara witnesses Buamaa’s wicked face in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri stops Buamaa from feeding Omkara. She eats the laddoo to check Buamaa’s intentions. Omkara asks Gauri to have whatever she likes. Gauri starts feeling uneasy. Buamaa asks Gauri is she getting dizzy. Gauri faints. Buamaa gets revengeful. Buamaa planned to make Gauri faint so know if she is really pregnant or not. Buamaa gets Gauri to the doctor. Doctor confirms that Gauri is not pregnant. Buamaa gets a huge shock. She gets angry on Gauri and asks why did she lie. Gauri tries to save her life and run away. Buamaa tries to kill Gauri. Gauri tells Buamaa that she did this drama to stay in the house and expose her true face. She asks Buamaa not to cheat Omkara. Buamaa tells Gauri that she is giving slow poison to Omkara. Gauri tries to reach Omkara and save him. Buamaa attempts to kill Gauri. Omkara witnesses Buamaa’s crime and saves Gauri.

Rudra and Bhavya face the goons. Rudra asks Bhavya to leave. Bhavya refuses to leave him along with so many goons. Rudra assures he will manage them. Bhavya meets the gangster. Rudra’s life falls in risk. Bhavya faints Rudra for some time, to deal with the gangster. She gets mad in revenge. She gives him the locket. The gangster tells his plan to kill them. Bhavya fights with the goons. Rudra gets conscious. He gets a shock of his life, knowing Bhavya is a real ACP. Bhavya shoots the gansgter and fulfills her revenge.


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