Colors’ Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Soumya finds it tough to stay without her identity. Harman gets shocked seeing Soumya as kinner Taran. Soumya says I m not Soumya, I m Tarana. Harman gets angry on her. He asks her did she go mad. He asks her why did she leave home and come to kinner’s place. The kinners stop Harman. Soumya asks why did he not tell everyone that she is a kinner and accept her in front of society. She wants to get her identity, as she is not ashamed that she is a kinner.



Its Meghna and Naina’s first Teej. Dada ji asks pandit to start the puja. Pandit praises both of his bahus who look like Mata Parvati. He asks the bahus to come forward and sit for rituals. An abshagun happens when the pot breaks. A lady says this pot is kept on head to pray for husband’s long life. Dada ji says it was all fine.

Nandkishore taunts Naina for this abshagun. He asks Naina to change the pot. Naina says I have taken the oath with this pot, and I will do the puja with this one. It gets challenging for Naina.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Anjali makes tea fall on Sameer. She takes the cupboard keys from him. She got to know Sameera’s secret. Sameer wants to tell the secret to family before Anjali tells about him. Anjali thinks Sameer can’t be perfect. She gets some photos and property papers in the cupboard. Sameer manages to win family’s trust. Roshni cooks food for family. Ananya and Pari get many clothes and send Roshni to wash the clothes. Roshni obeys them. Ananya is glad by troubling Roshni. They see Simar coming. Simar stops Roshni from washing clothes. She gives jewelry to Roshni, which upsets Ananya.


Chakor has got punishment to wash Suraj’s car. She says Suraj is troubling me now, as I have troubled him. Imli says you both always fight, you are similar. Suraj says you did not believe me, so you have to do this. Chakor was feeling guilty. Suraj gets fun by troubling her. Chakor says I m glad that I got Suraj back, I m not worried for Ragini. She asks Imli what happened to her. Imli says I would have killed Ragini if I could, but I don’t want to land in jail. Imli hides hat she has made Ragini escape from prison. Imli helps Chakor in washing the car.


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