‘Girls versus boys’ fun track in Ishqbaaz


Ishqbaaz goes one hour and brings a fun surprise for its viewers. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya worry for their husbands, but don’t want to show their care. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra come to the kitchen in drenched state, after swimming in the pool. They ask the girls for icecream, but the girls refuse to handover the icecream, so that they don’t get ill. There is a fight between girls and boys. They are using new tricks to fail each other. There is huge competition between two teams. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra take care of each other. Bhavya and Gauri get tea for Rudra and Omkara so that they don’t catch cold. Shivay sees them leaving from the room and asks why did they come.

Gauri says we got tea and breakfast for Omkara and Rudra, we don’t want to show them that we care for them. She says what Anika tells about them. Shivay gets doubt on their intentions. Bhavya changes his attention by talking of Anika. She praises their jodi. Shivay says Anika is totally mad. Bhavya says you always talk about Anika, as if she is your favorite topic. Omkara and Rudra feel Shivay got the tea for them. Rudra asks Shivay not to make him cry now. He gets emotional by his gesture. He says we both love you a lot. He does not listen to Shivay’s saying. Rudra says brother is always a brother, you made our breakfast ready. Omkara and Rudra have the breakfast and tea. Meanwhile, Anika sees Shivay troubled by cough. She worries for him. She keeps the cough syrup for him. Anika cares for him, though she does not come out in front of him to help. Shivay finds the syrup and drinks. Anika hopes Shivay gets fine soon.


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