High Five Spoilers

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Chandrakanta: Kroor Singh enters Chandrakanta’s room to check for Virendra. He gets the soldiers along. He asks them to check the palace thoroughly and find their enemy, and kill him on sight. Chandrakanta gets worried for Virendra, as he is really around. Kroor Singh is much angry. He threatens to kill Virendra. He can’t bear Virendra meeting Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta learns that Maharaj Jai Singh has fixed her marriage with Kroor Singh. Kroor Singh has hypnotized her parents to get his wishful results. Chandrakanta says I will not let this happen. She tries to find out what Kroor Singh did. Chandrakanta runs to meet her parents. Guards stop her on Kroor Singh’s orders. She asks will she obey minister’s orders than a princess. The guards do not let her go.

Piya Albela:
Naren gets shagun chunri for Pooja, which was got for Surbhi. Pooja’s chunri gets burnt in the ceremony. Pooja’s rasam stopped. Pooja’s would be mum in law starts shouting on the abshagun. Pooja says it was none’s mistake. The lady fears that Pooja and her son’s relation won’t be good. Naren learns the matter. Naren helps out Pooja without thinking much. Pooja’s rasam happens, while Surbhi gets annoyed. Naren did not realize that he is getting his fiancee’s chunri. Pooja’s would be mum in law gets angry seeing Naren and Pooja’s bonding.


Anika, Gauri and Bhavya worry for their husbands, but don’t want to show their care. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra come to the kitchen in drenched state, after swimming in the pool. They ask the girls for icecream, but the girls refuse to handover the icecream, so that they don’t get ill. There is a fight between girls and boys. They are using new tricks to fail each other. There is huge competition between two teams. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra take care of each other. Bhavya and Gauri get tea for Rudra and Omkara so that they don’t catch cold.

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:
Mukhi drops Aru at her parents’ home. Aru does not want to get away. Aru sees Mukhi and sheds tears. Mukhi spends some time with her parents. Mukhi takes a leave. He wants Aru to live her life as she wants, but she wants to spend her life with him. She gets sad and acts to faint. Mukhi worries for her. Aru tries to stop him by her unique way. She knows if she gets hurt, Mukhi will take care of her. Mukhi saves her. A spider comes over her blanket. Aru gets scared seeing it and screams. Mukhi asks Aru was she acting to faint. Aru gets worried to answer him. She says I m really scared of the spider. She does not know what’s in Mukhi’s mind.

Bhaiya ji comes to senses. He gets mistaken and attacks Chakor. He tries to strangle her to death. He gets angry and tells that she spoiled his life. Suraj and Vivaan stop him, and tell him that Ragini plotted this masterplan against him to get power in her hands. Bhaiya ji decides to take revenge from Ragini. Suraj meets Kasturi and Tejaswini. Tejaswini apologizes to Suraj for not understanding him. The villagers get apologetic towards Suraj and Imli for doubting on their character. Imli asks Vivaan to give her some time for forgetting everything. She tells Vivaan that it won’t be easy for her to start afresh, but she is very happy to have him back in her life.


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